Lobmeyr Collection

"The fascination about glass? – It is one of the oldest materials mankind understood to shape. Imagine: You melt some sand and look at the result." Ted Muehling


Lobmeyr is in its sixth generation as a family business today. A love of the material, the emotional relationship with the product and the commitment of personal energy defined our method of working from the beginning. In this context each generation leaves its trace.

An astute eye for new movements has always characterised Lobmeyr’s work. Designers give new impulses, at the same time the past is made available for today: our unique archive documents almost 200 years of activity and is not just a treasure trove of samples, but also a source of inspiration. However, our day-to-day work with crystal is the primary breeding ground for new ideas. Our interest in glass and a constant dialogue with our craftspeople, designers and clients repeatedly leads to directional innovations.

Lobmeyr works with outstanding designers. Whether the architects of Vienna’s Ringstraße in the 19th century, the pioneers of the Modern Movement or contemporary artists – the list of our designers mirrors not only the diversity, but also the quality of our work with crystal.

Glass is a complex material, and necessitates the ability to understand and comprehend it, which often results in longer-term cooperations. We appreciate designers with an understanding of the current culture while at the same time possessing a perception for enduring design. We aim for sustainable design with an everlasting beauty. Our glass should be both: ingenious and at the same time a well-loved long-term companion.

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